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General Rowing Sessions at Dorney Lake

are available to pre-book throughout the year.



To make a booking for our General Rowing Sessions, please contact our Reception Team:

Give us a call: 01753 832756

Drop us an email:


Bookings are available for established rowing or canoeing clubs for training. We are unable to take session bookings for individuals not part of a club or for recreational purposes.

We request that only the Coach makes the booking, where we will ask for a contact telephone number should we need to contact the coach on the day of your booking as well as information on the number of athletes, boats, and trailers expected.


Weekday Rowing Sessions


From Monday 30th October 2023 until Friday 29th March 2024, our Weekday Winter Rowing Session timings are as follows- 

Morning Session - 8.00am to 12.00pm

Afternoon Session - 12.00pm to 4.00pm 


From Monday 1st April 2024 until Friday 25th October 2024, our Weekday Summer Rowing Session times are as follows- 

Morning Session - 8.00am to 12.30pm

Afternoon Session - 12.30pm to 4.30pm 


Weekend Rowing Sessions


Where availability allows and we are not closed for a sports event, morning-only sessions will be taken as a provisional booking and confirmed on the Thursday before if the minimum requirements for opening are met.

When making our decision, we require a minimum number of 60 rowers per morning session or an agreed payment of the opening fee of £520 (for 2023) and £560 (for 2024).


Weekend Rowing Session times are as follows- 

Morning Session - 8.00am to 12.30pm



Session Prices 2024

Adult - £9.30 per session

Junior (under 18) - £5.90 per session

We do not charge for Coxes. 

We take many methods of payment including cash, credit card (except American Express), debit card, and invoice. Any clubs that would like to have an account set up for invoicing purposes will need to contact the reception team.

 Please note that all invoices are on a thirty-day payment term and any late payments may result in restricting the clubs access to the lake for training purposes. 


Safety Information


Arriving for your General Rowing Session

  • The club's coach in charge of the booking should report to Reception to book in all athletes, note the lake circulation plan (navigation plan), and be made aware of any safety information by the Reception Team before any athlete from their club goes afloat.
  • No person shall access the water until this has been completed and bow numbers have been issued. Any crews without a bow number and who have not booked in, or are not following the circulation plan (navigation plan) will be asked to leave the water immediately.
  • For your safety, all bow numbers must be returned to Reception at the end of each session. Bow numbers not returned will be charged at £5 per number.
  • All rowing trailers must leave site after your session, or block booking of sessions has finished. If a trailer is left behind, this can severely impact other activities within the venue and the owner will be contacted to return to site to remove the trailer.

Going Afloat for your Session

  • All coaches must have a bicycle to follow their crew whilst on the water and their own throwline.
  • All Coaches must also carry a mobile phone to alert the duty manager if there is a capsize - THE EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER IS 07961 994442. This number is not to be used for Emergency purposes only, not for general communication. 
  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their boats are safe and are prepared to the required standards at all times including practice.
  • Crew and boating activities should be dynamically risk assessed by the club coach, depending on the level of crew competence and weather conditions.
  • The Coach must be familiar with and implement ‘RowSafe’ whilst their crews are on the lake.
  • Rowers must never be left unsupervised whilst on the lake.
  • Coaches should be fully aware of the lake safety system in place and ensure that the rules for lake use are observed. A copy is displayed in Reception.
  • Rescue boat service and safety procedures in the form of the Normal Operating Plan (NOP) and the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) are explained to the visiting coach when they register their crews with reception. A summary of both is shown in reception and on the notice board outside Reception.
  • Emergency points are situated at 500m intervals around the Lake. EPs have emergency contact telephone numbers and two throw lines housed in a container.
  • In the event of a capsize that cannot be righted, rowers must remain with their craft until the rescue boat arrives, where they will be collected and if necessary taken back to the boathouse.

Adverse Weather Conditions

  • In cases of high winds or ice, we will review the weather reports and communicate this to the clubs that have confirmed for rowing.
  • The duty manager reserves the right to cancel or delay boating until conditions have improved sufficiently.
  • Fog - we do not permit general training on the lake if vision is impaired. A decision will be made on the day if it is deemed safe for rowing and communicated to the clubs that have confirmed for rowing.
  • During the Winter Months, the water temperature of the Lake can become very cold. Individual Coaches are to dynamically risk assess each training session for their athletes based on their capability, and we ask that our Cold Water Guidance is read and understood. 






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